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What do you do when home becomes a battlefield?

For many of us, home is a place of comfort and security— especially during the holidays. It’s where we reconnect, put our phones down, go for slow walks, make pancake breakfasts and really look at each other's faces. There really is no place like it for the holidays!

But what happens when the home you love becomes a warzone and you have to build a new life in a place where you’re treated as a second-class citizen? For many Venezuelans in Peru, this is their new reality. But the alternative is worse.

They’ve told us their stories. They’ve:

  • Watched a neighbor be gunned down for a motorcycle
  • Walked 11 days while 6 months pregnant, knowing the alternative was starvation
  • Gone from a professional career to working 12-hour days for 8 consecutive months with zero days off

Your gift this season will help these young, displaced families rebuild lives and once again create a place that feels like home.

Your support will directly impact the lives of 35 people by:

  • Creating a community-oriented apartment complex where everyone will be able to eat nutritious meals every day, kids will be loved, and adults will learn new skills
  • Opening pathways to start or finish University degrees
  • Funding the process to gain professional credentials in Peru so some can re-enter their chosen professions
  • Seeding an at-home bakery business start-up for mothers so they can earn a living and also work together to raise their beautiful children

Each donation you make and each life you touch is a beautiful reminder that Something New— a new job, a new home, a new vision for life— is possible for everyone.