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What do you do when home becomes a battlefield?

For many of us, home is a place of comfort and security, especially during the holiday season. At home, we reconnect, put our phones down, go for slow walks, make pancakes for breakfast and really look at each other's faces. There really is no place like it for the holidays!

But what happens when the home you love becomes a place of war -- when gangs invade your village and threaten the safety of your wife and young daughter? Or when you and your children are terrified to go home because your abuser has returned? What happens when you’re eight months pregnant and selling popsicles on the street because you were forced to leave your home country to find work?

Your gift this season will help families in Peru--who have faced these exact circumstances--rebuild lives and homes.

Your support will directly impact families by:

  • Establishing safe housing for families
  • Empowering single mothers with skills to find better jobs
  • Enriching the lives of families through life coaching
  • Educating children for the future

Each donation you make and each life you touch is a beautiful reminder that Something New - a new job, a new home, a new vision for life - is possible for everyone.