Attack forces of evil with generosity

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We believe in love. Love always wins.

We have a vision for what we want this country to become. Our vision isn't about politics, and it isn't about party divides. It's about the values that we hold deeply and the way we respond to the global disasters and conflicts our world faces today.

This month, we are expanding our programs in the Atlanta area, in response to the deepening divides over religion and race. We continue to #StickwithLove and to fight against these ugly policies and rhetoric with the only weapons that win: love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

We call this the rEVOLution. We're asking you to fight with us.

Give New Way's conflict reconciliation training to 200 students this fall. Our New Way afterschool workshops will go where they are needed most right now. In schools that welcome students whose families came to America seeking refuge but are feeling anything but that.

100% of your donation will go toward training and ongoing mentoring for refugee and immigrant students in Atlanta.

This video shows what a New Way can mean to someone. There are more young people who want to be a part of this rEVOLution. Let's go find them.