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Getting Busy Living!

Help Brothers Bakery International Open Its Doors

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We don’t have time to hold back or play it safe, especially in Lima, Peru, and especially right now. COVID continues to rip through South America and new more dangerous variants are causing big global concerns for both public health and economic survival. There is no time to waste.

Instead of settling for mediocre low wage jobs under horrible work conditions, we are urging our Lima community to GO FOR IT. It is time to build businesses that can be a steady place of income for their own families and many more to come.

The needs are great and the opportunities slim for most people in Peru. But, that isn’t true for our little corner of Lima. They are able to GO FOR IT because of you!

One new business is already coming to life -- Brothers Bakery International.

Brothers Bakery International is set to open its doors on May 17. This bakery is a dream that Xavier has held tight in his heart. Trained as a master baker, he bought a dough roller for roughly $5 US dollars two years ago and tucked it away for that day when he would own his own bakery.

At the time the idea seemed impossible.

Recently displaced from Venezuela and barely able to pay rent, Xavier was suffering from a heart condition brought on by ongoing stress and wasn’t sure he would have the energy to even get out of bed, let alone open a business. One year of life at the Hope House has brought Xavier back to life.

For the past two months, Xavier, his two brothers, and many supporters, have worked tirelessly to bring the bakery to life. They are going for it!

Help see their dream fulfilled by donating today.