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Help me feed 100 people for the next 2 weeks

I will match every dollar raised to help feed vulnerable families

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I made it home!

Many of you have been following my story and know that I was "stuck" in Peru for the past 9 weeks quarantined in a building with 70 Venezuelan families. It was the best 9 weeks of my life. Yes, I missed my family back home, but I made the most of every moment in quarantine with some of the most incredible people I have ever met.

I went to Peru on March 2nd for a 2.5 week mission trip to love vulnerable refugee families that had fled the hunger, poverty and violence of Venezuela. That 2.5 week trip turned into 9 weeks when the Peruvian government quickly and unexpectedly closed the borders to all travel.

I spent the last 9 weeks hearing the most heart-wrenching, yet hope-filled stories of people's journey. I lived with and got to know these fun-loving people in deep and intimate ways. I watched God fill their lives with love and truth, and saw them change before my very eyes. It was like being at church camp every day! And for those of you that knew my dad, you know how much he engrained me to love God, family and life. In these 9 weeks we had it all. Dad would have loved it. Meals together. Teaching. Singing. Game time. Movie nights. Our own "radio show" in the building. Learning English. Storytime. Family time. Healing. Forgiveness. It was incredible.

It was a full and rewarding way to spend my quarantine in Peru.

Now I am home. I can't get these people out of my mind, and I have vowed to do whatever is necessary to make sure that they are fed every day they are in quarantine. Today, I learned that the quarantine in Peru was just extended another two weeks to May 24th. I have heard rumors it will go through the end of June.

The families that we are helping are not able to work during the quarantine. Without our support, they would not eat.

In America, we are fortunate to have safety nets and government aid to support our nation in this time of uncertainty and struggle. The refugees that we are helping do not have the aid of any country right now.

Becky and I are committed to donating our government stimulus checks to make sure that these families that I have fallen in love with have food on their table.

Can you help double my donation? If just 25 of my friends gave $100, then together we could raise $5,000. That would help feed all 100 parents and kids for nearly 3 weeks. Wow!