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Give a warm hug!

$50 provides winter gear for one of our friends in Lima


Winter is quickly approaching. People need warm clothes.

Like most homes in Lima, none of our buildings have central heating. Winter in Lima is intense. Weeks on end of grey skies, high humidity and temperatures low enough to make your bones hurt. Coats, blankets and hot tea are the way most families make it through the cold months. Being under stay-at-home orders until at least June 30 adds an additional barrier for families in Peru during this time of COVID-19.

We have 80 people -- 12 volunteers and 68 others -- living together in our buildings. They need warm clothes and blankets. Volunteers packed a suitcase for a week-long trip during the heat of Lima's summer. The ones who are still in Lima are choosing to stay while the quarantine cotinues. Those who came to us as refugees came with the bare minimum, coats and blankets not included.

We would normally send suitcases packed with donations but since the borders remain closed the only thing we can send is money.

In this time of uncertainty it is normal to want to protect yourself and your family. We are committed to doing something different. Family is so much bigger than blood. We can send support so that families in Peru are protected too.

The world needs Something New, and we need you!