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Put food in bellies and hope in hearts!

Every donation up to $10,000 will be matched!


$20 provides food and water for one person for a week. Please give.

We have close to 100 people who are stranded in Peru -- 24 U.S. volunteers and 70 others, refugees from Venezuela and Peruvian families who have fled violence in their own homes -- all confined to our buildings in Lima now.

All of the hope and promise we have felt in our corner of Lima is being challenged now. The Peruvian government is being very aggressive in their measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Mandatory curfews, police patrols and rules against private car use are keeping people at home. We don’t yet know if these measures will work to stop the virus. They are certainly stopping the economy.

None of the 100 people we know who are stranded are able to work right now. U.S. volunteers planned to miss one week of work when they left, and now they are not able to return to their country--much less their jobs. For local residents, government mandates have shut down the new businesses they started just a few weeks ago.

Grocery prices are sky-rocketing too. One 20 lb bag of rice cost 100 soles (about $30 USD) one week ago and now that same bag costs 300 soles (about $100 USD). Supermarkets are only open for limited hours and public transportation almost non-existent.

In this time of uncertainty it is normal to want to protect yourself and your family. We are committed to doing something different. Join us in being different and making a difference for ones who are especially vulnerable in these uncertain times.

The world needs Something New, and we need you!