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We Need a New Way

Help bring messages of healing and reconciliation to the places that need it most


While many people run from conflict, we run to it. We go to the hard places, the uncomfortable places, and places of conflict, to teach hope and healing.

Racism, hatred and violence are hard places to go to. These places are uncomfortable and very convenient and easy to avoid. We cannot afford to avoid them any longer.

We believe in the principle of love and it's power to change individuals, organizations and communities.

Rooted in principles demonstrated by leaders such as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., our teachings can be powerfully applied to a wide variety of settings and issues. We know it works.

With your support we can offer a safe space for conversations and equip individuals with truth that will change hearts and minds. We can help communities and organizations get nonviolence training to help cure and stop the spread of violence in our country. We will plan, organize, strategize and mobilize nonviolently to promote and instill change.

All donations to New Way Training are tax deductible through its parent 501(c)3, Something New.