A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream we dream together is REALITY. -John Lenon



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A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream we dream together is REALITY. -John Lenon

We can do more together

Did you know one of the most important contributors to a person’s wellbeing (and all that is wrapped up in that word) is whether or not they have a network of support around them?

What a difference a year makes

Today, 12 moms in Peru have a functioning community that didn’t exist a year ago. In 2018, we supported each mom with basic needs as they got on their feet.

Today, each mom is able to cover the everyday needs for themselves and their children. With the support they’ve gotten, they’ve built exactly what you’d want in a community:

  • Ruth Carina was able to finish high school while Elena cared for her daughter.
  • Mariela encourages Zenovia on her hard days.
  • Haydee makes furniture each time someone gets a new apartment.
  • 11 women showed up at Rosabel’s custody hearing.

Nobody has asked them to do these things for each other. All we did was build some structure that allowed them to look out for something beyond where they’d get their next meal or finding a safe place to stay with their children.

Dreaming together

We are celebrating their wins, but we cannot stop now. These moms are learning to not settle for surviving, but now, with the support of their community, to put action to their dreams:

Ruth Carina dreams of becoming a nurse. We want to support her schooling.

Lucia rediscovered a childhood dream she had to be a flight attendant. We want to fund her training.

Erika wants to support her son Fernando’s dream of joining the state soccer team he was recruited for. We want to sponsor his membership fees.

Make their dreams a reality