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Celebrate World Refugee Day With Us!

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Your support can give refugees new choices for their future.

When Kelvin left Venezuela, he was focused on one thing -- survival. He had no choices except to choose if he would eat or if his kids would eat. That is what happens when you become a refugee. Your only choice is survival. Kelvin and Mariu could be your neighbors or your sons and daughters. Your support can help turn hardship into healing and new beginnings for families like Kelvin and Mariu.

Help us create opportunities for community and jobs. Please join us in supporting one of these three funds.

1. Business Development Fund

We want to give $20,000 to the construction company, Constructora Sin Fronteras, to buy tools that will help advance their work. We also want to offer $30,000 in seed money for a new restaurant with a social mission, Avanza, to get off the ground.

2. Housing Fund

We now have four buildings in Lima that house 120 people, provide space for schooling for kids, English classes for adults and a ton of community support. It takes $14,000 a month to pay rent and utilities to maintain these spaces of refuge and healing.

3. Emergency Medical Fund

Medical care is not guaranteed unless you can pay for it in Lima, Peru. Medical needs come up all the time for the families in our community. An ongoing fund of $10,000 will cover medical expenses as they come up.