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Give Food, Give Hope

$150 means someone can eat three times a day in December

$18,955 raised

$15,000 goal

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With your help, we can feed 100 people in December and beyond!

When you helped us rent and renovate the Hope House in Lima, Peru in January, our plan was that everyone would have a job and help with living expenses by March. When the pandemic made work either unsafe, nonexistent, or both, we did not have a plan B.

It costs us $15,000 a month for groceries, and rent costs another $5,800 per month. Your generous donations so far this year have literally saved children from starvation and kept families safe from COVID-19.

We need your help again on Giving Tuesday. You can make sure families can keep eating. You can remind them that they are not alone.

On the other side of the walls of the Hope House, the situation is grim.

Despite early, strict quarantine measures, Peru has the highest deaths per capita than anywhere in the world. At the end of October, the government stopped tracking daily cases of the virus. A sign of giving up or at least giving in.

The economy has also been hit hard. Peru is expected to experience one of the deepest recessions in the world this year. One in four workers in Peru are day laborers and now those jobs are not available, especially for foreigners, like the Venezuelans living in the Hope House.

There is no way we could turn our backs on our neighbors in Lima now.

We are counting on you to show up with us to make sure that everyone at the Hope House has food on the table every day in December. And when you show up, a matching donor will show up for January. Your gift will have an impact for not just one but two months!

With your help, the Hope House will be safe, stocked with food, and full of life - the complete opposite of life outside the walls of the building.

Help us keep hope alive in the Hope House!