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Help me feed the most vulnerable

Let's help Venezuelan refugees and moms fleeing violence get to the other side of COVID-19

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Join me in supporting real change. I am supporting Something New’s work in Peru with Venezuelan refugees and some young mothers coming out of domestic violence. Our current global situation is hard EVERYWHERE! But I am personally connected to people in a third world country who cannot work due to strict lockdowns and are also facing soaring food prices.

I believe deeply in the work of Something New because they are not only feeding people, they are building community. In a time when many feel more disconnected than ever, we can be a part of creating connections and investing in the future success of some of the most vulnerable populations in the world right now.

The on the ground volunteers and those we serve in Peru among the most incredible humans I know. They will make good on the investment. Something New has a $20,000 matching donation over the next two weeks, and I will also PERSONALLY match up to $5,000 in donations through my page. Thank you so much for considering!