Jessica Mino
Jessica Mino's Fundraiser

We can feed 100 people for 60 days

Help Venezuelan refugees have a future on the other side of COVID-19

$25 towards $500

Join me in supporting real change. I am supporting Something New’s work in Peru with Venezuelan refugees and need your help. With an ongoing country-wide quarantine people are not able to work there and that means they are not able to eat. I believe in what Something New is doing because they are not only feeding people, they are building community.

Something New volunteers and our Venezuelan family have come together to teach and learn from each other! Parents and non-parents, refugees and non-refugees, have come together to teach, train, and coach the young kids of our Lima community. Each day, the kids learn anything from veterinary science to English; all thanks to their caring parents, aunts, uncles, and Something New volunteers. Not only will this fundraiser support the physical feeding of 100 people, but it will also support their emotional, social, and educational feeding and well-being.

In a time when many feel more disconnected than ever, we can be a part of creating connections, that is something everyone needs more of. Let’s support good in the world and make a difference. Every donation will go a long way to helping vulnerable refugees have what they need during this difficult time.